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Marian Reed

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Marian Reed
Director of GRC

Marian Reed is VerSprite’s Director of GRC, responsible for streamlining the GRC process for our clients, allowing them to further integrate security and regulatory compliance into their company policies, procedures, and protocols. She guides VerSprite’s tenacious team of GRC consultants to provide services such as Virtual CISO services, Enterprise Risk Assessments, Vendor Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, and more. 

Marian joined the VerSprite team in 2021 with over 30 years of leadership experience in risk management. She previously served as Sr. Director Global Security Operations and Incident Response at McKesson. Her passion for working with organizations to understand how regulations impact their operations and guide them to translate those findings into more secure privacy and policy changes is a welcomed asset to our clients. Learn more →

Current Board Positions:

  • Peaceful Passing
  • Security DIVAs
  • VigiTrust Global Advisory Board
  • Medicevo Corp.
  • Webdoctors

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