Enterprise & Targeted Risk Assessments

Enterprise & Targeted
Risk Assessments

– Mitigate Residual Risk Issues

Qualify and Quantify Business Risks Stemming From Compliance Issues

The importance of truly understanding risk hinges on identifying and qualifying the variables in the risk equation. For this reason, probabilistic threat analysis, business impact analysis, qualified vulnerability analysis and considerations of existing countermeasures and controls is factored into our enterprise risk assessment efforts.

Over the past 10 years, VerSprite’s key differentiator as a global consulting firm has been its ability to qualify and quantify business risks stemming from compliance issues and insecurity. VerSprite provides both time boxed and managed risk assessment services aimed at discovering, evaluating, and communicating risk and remediation issues. Our focus is to not only identify residual risk but also foster remediation via programmatic, process-based, architectural, or system changes. Highly versatile in both commercial and open source remediation options, our focus is around cost-effective strategies that mitigate residual risk issues not addressed by your current control levels.

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