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Top 6 Cybersecurity Threats in 2021

VerSprite's 2021 Envisions Critical Threats Report on the Top Global Cybersecurity Threats, Challenges, and Mitigation Tips

2021 Top Cybersecurity Threats Include:

  • The increase of threats from within an organization from voluntary collaborators and involuntary collaborators.
  • Concerns for organizations adopting a BYOD workplace model in response to COVID-19 limitations.
  • The risk to network security from an increase of IoT devices used in the workplace, that have little to no innate security.
  • Altcoin interests from Fintechs creating greater risk of exposure due to the blockchain technology backing it.
  • Critical infrastructure at risk and the domino effect it has on business operations, healthcare, and physical supply chains.
  • An increase in nation-state backed cyberattacks following the most successful cyberattack recorded at the end of 2020.


This report identifies the top 6 global cybersecurity threats, challenges, and opportunities. Use this as a starting point to help your organization develop and refine your strategy for 2021.

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