Security Considerations for Remote IT Staff

Important Security Protocols to Discuss with Your Remote Team

Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Goes Beyond the Office

Many companies are lowering their authentication defenses to allow employees to work remotely. Before you do this, we recommend a full re-evaluation of your security protocols to determine if any adaptions must be made to maintain your organization’s security posture. Once you have solidified your security procedures, it is important to clearly communicate the new procedures to employees who will work from home and employees that may remain in office.

In the last installment of our 4-part series, we will address important security considerations for remote IT staff members.

Cybersecurity Training: Remote IT Protocols to Discuss with Remote Workers

Key Takeaways for Organizations with Remote IT Staff:

  • Use multi-factor authentication
  • Patching: Your organization will need to know what will happen in terms of patching while many staff members are working from home.
    • Do you need VPN access or can you send patches directly over the internet?
    • Can your machines be patched over the VPN?
    • You will want to know if the bandwidth of your VPN can handle patching and the amount of people using the VPN now
  • Many people will think file sharing is too slow over the VPN and want to find workarounds. Your company should communicate clear guidelines to all staff regarding appropriate telework practices.

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