Security Awareness Training (SAT)

Security Training to Reduce Your Attack Surface

Create a Security Culture to Protect Your Organization


Employees will expand their security knowledge and become less susceptible to common security threats – thus improving the organization’s overall security posture.


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Security Training Programs To Develop Security Confidence Within Your Organization

Your employees use business networks to communicate, collaborate, and access data. Eager to increase productivity, businesses have embraced the growing integration of network communications.

Now more than ever, employees are becoming less dependent on their central office space to complete their work. Although this may provide benefits to both employees and employers, network-based collaboration places corporate data within a broader environment that is diverse and difficult to protect.

VerSprite’s security training courses are designed to help your employees better understand the significant risks inherent in their daily work environment.

Trainees will learn to detect and mitigate everyday security threats through real-world examples. In addition, they can then test their knowledge through a series of quiz questions provided at the end of the course.

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