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Literary Antidotes for Today's Security Snake Oil

Data Management: Best Practices for Security & Privacy

Enterprise Data Security

The focus of this talk will be to revisit both traditional governance best practices that are still invaluable to proper data management and governance efforts, as well as practical technological controls that can support the management of data.

The Aadhaar Biometric Database Saga


Aadhaar was developed in 2009 by the Unique Identification Authority of India to address a country-wide problem: the lack of a standard means of verifying identities for the purposes of distributing government benefits and collecting taxes.

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) Securely


This blog post reviews best practices and pro tips for using Amazon Web Services securely, Identity and Access Management, and the risks faced when not setup correctly.

A New Tool for Finding Open S3 Buckets


Open web directories have long been a target of hackers looking for cheap wins in the search for sensitive data. Today, open S3 buckets are becoming a new favorite source for discovering data sitting on the public internet.

VerSprite Reacts: No Shortcuts in Cybersecurity

Security Vulnerabilities

Following recent news reports of substantial data breaches, devastating leaks, and even savvy executives falling prey to phishing attacks, there is renewed interest in making sure that people are protected when they use their devices.

Modernizing the Telecommunications Industry

Global Threats

Assessment of risks related to modernizing the telecommunications industry in Iran, following the anticipated removal of sanctions.

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