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Security Suits, Ties, and Lies

Literary Antidotes for Today's Security Snake Oil

Threat Hunting: What’s on Your Network?

Sign up for VerSprite’s upcoming presentation at the ISSA Chapter Meeting on September 27th. The presentation will provide an adaptive, heuristic approach that has been successfully used to identify compromised assets, rogue accounts, unauthorized software, organizational policy violations and poor security practices.

APT MiTM Package Injection

A practical approach to perform a MiTM (Man-in-The-Middle) attack against a version of APT (Advanced Packet Tool) used until recently by Debian 7 (which just reached its EOL in May 2018).

Analyzing JSON Deserialization Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities on Android

In this blog post, we will cover the types of memory corruption scenarios that can be triggered through deserializing untrusted JSON in the Jackson, FlexJSON, and json-io libraries on Android.

How to Prepare for a Security Breach Announcement

Cybersecurity breaches have become more common as society continues its embrace of internet connected technologies and businesses grow their collections of data. While some breaches are remembered for the number of records lost, others may be remembered not only for their size but also for the way the breaches were managed.

4 Key Principles for Managing Cloud Security Risk

Operating your cloud infrastructure isn’t a one-time proposition, so it makes sense that securing it isn’t either.  Establishing security compliance controls and then continuously monitoring those controls ensures your infrastructure continues to be secured per policy.

Phishing for Files with Airmail 3 for Mac

Airmail 3 is a sleek and featureful alternative to Apple Mail on MacOS. We chose this application as a target for reverse engineering to gain a better understanding of how MacOS applications work on a low-level.

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