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PASTA Threat Modeling RACI Diagram

Application and organizational threat modeling is rapidly becoming a must-implement in the current cybersecurity and geopolitical landscape for companies worldwide. It is the only security model to continuously keep up with emerging threat trends and have a full scope of an organization and its attack surfaces.

Risk-centric threat model requires the participation of all levels of the organizational vertical to ensure that the security framework is effective. When everyone involved understands their role in the security and how they can contribute, it makes the threat modeling implementation and sustaining more effective. VerSprite recommends using the RACI model.

RACI (Responsible – Accountable – Consulted – Informed) is a role distribution diagram used in PASTA threat modeling methodology. It helps companies adopt threat modeling, and leverage the roles within an organization and its InfoSec department. It is a straightforward visual to save your team time and resources.

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