Threat & Vulnerability Management

VerSprite Offers a New Level of Integrated Security Solutions

VerSprite Provides Your Organization Flexibility with Maximum Scalability

VerSprite’s Threat & Vulnerability Management (TVM) team offers a new level of integrated security solutions that provide improved context around discovered vulnerabilities, 24/7 enterprise security monitoring, and experienced open-source intelligence gathering tradecraft.

Amazingly, many large organizations are still investing or building similar tools without truly understanding how security events are being triggered or correlated. This is important to know in the realm of security engineering as a lack of strategy can easily become a black hole of security investments for CFOs and company executive sponsors. VerSprite believes that TVM is more than just running security tools and ‘eyes on glass’ approaches to security events in endless ticket queues. VerSprite departs from traditional SOC services in the sense that we focus on investing in building or aligning with more sophisticated forms of technology that can detect more accurately and based upon an actual threat model.

VerSprite develops and customizes our threat model for our clients’ specific needs. By managing solutions around this model and calibrating the model daily, VerSprite offers a more adaptive approach than simply responding to tickets. In addition, VerSprite’s TVM team defines and fulfills on service levels that relate to measurable risk reduction activities around vulnerability management, file integrity monitoring, and SIEM monitoring.

VerSprite’s TVM team investigates potential risks and tracks suspicious behavior using automated processes, threat analytics, and open-sourced intelligence gathering techniques. We capture threat indicators that identify both traditional and unconventional threats to your business. TVM provides 24/7 enterprise security monitoring using cloud-based architecture that allows for a completely remote team to deliver the same experience of having an in-house SOC. This virtual approach allows for flexibility, minimal setup, and maximum scalability.

Let us customize an engagement model that fits.