This cybersecurity case study reveals an exclusive look at how a global eLearning platform uses VerSprite's advanced pen tests to identify and mitigate security risks.


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Udemy Partners with VerSprite for Advanced Penetration Testing

A case study on how a global leader in online learning uses advanced penetration testing to protect its customers

VerSprite’s Advanced Penetration Testing Allows eLearning Leader, Udemy, to Emulate Real-World Attacks.

Udemy is a leading global marketplace for online learning and teaching. Its reputation and influence create a tempting target for cybercriminals. Udemy’s responsibility to its customers leaves no room for gaps in its security measures. Udemy’s Director of Information Security, Frank Osborne, is a long-time believer in testing security posture through an advanced penetration testing method called the Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis (also known as PASTA). In this case study, Osborne sat down with VerSprite to reveal what drives their security protocols and how advanced penetration testing allows them to protect their customers’ data.

In the case study, Osborne cements that although Udemy’s internal bug bounty program has proven useful in finding security risks, they recognize that internal resources have limitations, including time and bandwidth. By conducting independent testing against Udemy’s cybersecurity, the online learning platform can obtain an objective view of its security program.

Udemy engaged VerSprite as a security partner, knowing its people and skillsets, work, and how it looks at things differently are all significant benefits that expand upon Udemy’s internal testing program. VerSprite’s pen test resulted in a 161-page report worthy of reading from top to bottom, exploring a more in-depth look at Udemy’s application’s architecture and uncovering an abuse of application logic.

Download VerSprite’s cybersecurity case study detailing how elearning leader, Udemy, uses advanced pen testing to drive security decisions. →

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