[Ebook] 4 Key Principles for Managing Cloud Security Risk Posture [Ebook] 4 Key Principles for Managing Cloud Security Risk Posture

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VerSprite’s Guide to Managing Cloud Security Risk

Managing Cloud Security Risk: Where Do You Start?

Use of public cloud infrastructure is now commonplace with nearly $60 billion spent annually. Of course, there are good reasons for this as Infrastructure and Platform as a Service provide several advantages over traditional in-house hosting.

Important benefits are scalability, availability, and a wealth of centralized tools to help companies manage and monitor their cloud infrastructure. However, with the benefits come some potential security risks, most stemming from the customer’s use of the platforms versus the platforms themselves.

From a cloud security perspective, where do you start? To answer that question, start by downloading our guide to managing your cloud security risk.

Download the Guide to Manage Your Cloud Security Risk

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