Zach Varnell, Threat & Vulnerability Management Managing Consultant Zach Varnell, Threat & Vulnerability Management Managing Consultant

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Zach Varnell
Threat & Vulnerability Management Managing Consultant

Zach Varnell is the Managing Consultant for VerSprite's Threat & Vulnerability Management practice with a strong background in IT operations and internet services. Prior to joining VerSprite, Zach worked as an Operations Engineer where he pushed initiatives to strengthen the security of both his organization and their client partners. These initiatives covered protecting company data and resources through both technical means and raising awareness of traditional and non-traditional attack vectors.

Zach now uses his background and experience to assist clients in finding and remediating security vulnerabilities through penetration tests and red team assessments. Zach has strong skills in going beyond tool-based techniques in finding material security vulnerabilities. His background in IT Operations and Penetration Testing provides the necessary experience for him to validate security findings in for things related to false positives, false negatives, exploitability, and overall technical risk for VerSprite’s clients.

Threat & Vulnerability Management: VerSprite’s TVM team offers integrated security solutions that provide improved context around discovered vulnerabilities, 24/7 enterprise security monitoring, and experienced open-source intelligence gathering tradecraft.

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