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Retail & E-Commerce Cybersecurity

Point-of-Sale Insecurities Revealed in VerSprite's Case Study
VerSprite's Point-of-Sale security research has revealed a multitude of concerns regarding the secure development of payment applications.

VerSprite helps Retail Clients Simulate Probable Attacks

In retail, building and maintaining customer relationships is paramount. With omni-channel customer strategies, attackers have many paths to choose from to capture sensitive PII, account, and cardholder information employing sophisticated attack methods such as RAM scraping on POS systems. Protection technologies like EMV credit cards may slow cyber criminals down in stores, but how will they adapt, and where will they shift their focus? Using a threat modeling based approach, VerSprite helps retail clients simulate probable attacks and understand the business consequences, making them better able to defend and respond.

The payment card industry continues to respond to evolving threat patterns. How are you addressing adaptive security control measures that address these data security requirements? Since the beginning of the PCI Council, VerSprite has been assisting both merchants and service providers with readliness and remediation efforts around the payment card industry data security standards. The following areas are specific areas where VerSprite can help to ensure that your next audit or self-attestation is well received by your QSA:

  • External/ Internal Penetration Testing
  • Network Segmentation Testing
  • Operationalizing Compliance (Compliance Automation)
  • Secure Development Awareness Training
  • File Integrity Monitoring Implementation
  • Web Application Security Testing/ Static Analysis Security Testing

POS Security

RAM scraping malware continues to provide a challenges to retail. VerSprite has leveraged the expertise of its Research team in order to identify the most prevalent POS malware and extract compromise indicators that can be coorelated with merchant card data environments in order to see if an active compromise is present. VerSprite’s research team is also developing its own set of 0-days for POS devices that adds to security checks that can further validate POS devices. Find out more about how to validate the security of your POS environments with our expertise and solutions.

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