Financial Cybersecurity Program - Leverage a Risk-Based Threat Model Financial Cybersecurity Program - Leverage a Risk-Based Threat Model

Banking & Financial Cybersecurity

Defending a Target Rich Industry

As one of the most regulated industries, the banking and financial sector has had to develop, maintain, and mature their layered preventative, detective, and reactive controls. Unlike many other industries, companies in this sector have had the necessity to mature network, system, and application controls at a faster rate than other industries given inherent threat motives for financial information.

Today’s challenges for this segment revolve more around control optimization and reducing the overall overhead around security management, particularly around compliance. Being one of the more highly regulated industries, compliance continues to take a lot of time, money, and effort away from core banking and financial services. As such, the need for an optimized security program is ever more important and this is where an alignment with a trusted security partner like VerSprite is important. We help banks and financial institutions to leverage a risk-based threat model for their overall security program and introduce an effective way to operationalize compliance.

Operationalizing Compliance

Regulatory compliance has crippled financial institutions with overbearing regulatory requirements that detract from a security driven objective to defending against cyber attacks and information security goals. VerSprite has been effectively providing managed services around operationalizing compliance in order to reduce the audit overhead that exists for several of our banking and financial service clients. Our services begin with our strong expertise around security controls referenced by various regulatory requirements and helping our clients to implement an automated workflow where artifats are produced as these controls are managed.

What makes VerSprite different from other security partners?

VerSprite specifically services financial institutions and is intimately familiar with your specific compliance standards and various audit procedures.

We perform due diligence to make sure that your financial institution meets its regulatory compliance requirements and test vulnerabilities across multiple possible attack vectors (system, application, network, and physical layers). This approach spans across both technological and process-driven controls that include business impact analysis, vendor risk management, data security and privacy impact analysis, application security, security awareness training, incident response, security governance, and supplementary areas according to your business' practices.

VerSprite doesn't make you fit into predefined 'service packages' and we don't standardize our services to you with cookie-cutter solutions. Targeted threats are tailored to your unique business applications, users, and technical environment, so why shouldn't your solutions be? The threats to your data are constantly evolving, and so is VerSprite's service to you.

Our approach begins with a focus on understanding your business as a financial institution and addresses security processes and/or controls that jeopardize the security of your business and information managed therein. VerSprite's integrated approach (via both managed services and time boxed engagements) allows companies to benefit from a threat, risk-based approach to mitigating today’s cyber related threats. We help prescribe appropriate security measures around your systems to make sure that your security controls are in support of your business objectives and compliance obligations. We have learned to perfect regulatory requirements as prescriptive security requirements that can be codified into modern day orchestration tools in both physical and virtual environments. This integrated service model makes us a valuable partner in helping client refine their security program and implement controls that re audit periods by operationalizing the creation of control artifacts.

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