VerSprite is an International CyberSecurity Consulting Firm VerSprite is an International CyberSecurity Consulting Firm

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About VerSprite

Global Security Consulting Firm

Our Approach

At VerSprite, we approach security from a holistic risk management perspective, understanding security from business and attacker perspectives. Our approach goes beyond assessing security controls, and examines credible threats to understand the likelihood of a real-world abuse case, and measuring the magnitude of business impact if a breach should occur. By developing a holistic business/IT risk view, security decisions become business decisions.

Our Vision

Technology is becoming more interconnected than ever before. Product boundaries are blurring together as IoT touches across automotive, energy, transportation, healthcare and more. This poses challenges to traditional firms that are stagnant in their technology awareness and reactive in their traditional service models.

VerSprite is counterculture to today’s status quo approaches to security. In line with our pursuit to be trusted security advisors to our clients, VerSprite is building a more integrated security practice that already builds upon an evolved security model that is not reactive but proactive. The time is soon approaching where security needs to be automatically factored into products and services instead of being bolstered on afterwards. VerSprite is fueling this change via more integrated managed service models, services that focus on security, not compliance, while still addressing regulatory requirements. Our vision translates to a more evolved security consulting model aimed to serve you.

Our Values


Drive security innovation to client infrastructure


A passion, zeal that translates into heightened client experiences


Delivering quality work at a fair price to help businesses afford security measures in products & services


Applying a risk based perspective to client needs


Help client evolve from compliance-based approaches to security


Never settling on past successes


Our History

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, VerSprite is a leader in operational risk management and security advisory services, enabling businesses to improve protection of critical assets, ensuring compliance and managing risk. We are passionate about helping our clients chart a course that brings security and business together. We believe that an integrated approach will result in better and more cost-effective security practices and better business outcomes overall. VerSprite is proud to be an innovator on behalf of our clients, who range from Fortune 500 corporations to startups concerned about security.

We serve our clients via niche security engagements.

We are a coalition of international black hats, security engineers, and thought leaders. Beyond magic quadrants and security-hype, we tailor our expertise to your unique business and technology environment. We offer a range of cybersecurity services with an integrated risk-centric approach so that security decisions become business decisions.

Let us build a tailored engagement for you.

We are an international squad of professionals working as one.