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ZenMate VPN for MacOS

Type Confusion




ZenGuard GmbH


ZenMate VPN for MacOS

Product version

< 1.5.4

Vulnerability Details

ZenMate VPN for macOS suffers from a type confusion vulnerability within the com.zenmate.chron-xpc LaunchDaemon component. The LaunchDaemon implements an XPC service that uses an insecure XPC API for accessing data from an inbound XPC message. This could potentially result in an XPC object of the wrong type being passed as the first argument to the xpc_connection_create_from_endpoint function if controlled by an attacker. In recent versions of macOS and OS X, Apple has implemented an internal check to prevent such XPC API abuse from occurring, thus making this vulnerability only result in a denial of service if exploited by an attacker.

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Vendor response

ZenMate VPN will release an update.

Disclosure timeline

03-01-2018 - Vendor disclosure via email
03-08-2018 - Vendor notified of diclosure schedule
03-09-2018 - Vendor response and approval for advisory release
03-12-2018 - Vendor notified of advisory release

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