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Geopolitical Risk Consulting

Obtain a Complete Picture of Your Geo-Cyber Threat Landscape

Identify Threats, Mitigate Risks, and Discover Opportunities

VerSprite Geopolitical Risk helps clients formulate a Geo-Cyber Strategy. As businesses confront their growing exposure to interrelated issues at the nexus of information security and geopolitics, mass market reports are not enough. At VerSprite, we tailor our solutions to each client’s unique needs. The VerSprite team determines risk posture with regard to how geopolitical macro risks can materialize as palpable threats. Our holistic approach considers business impact from political, socioeconomic, regulatory and cultural factors, especially as drivers of information security challenges.

VerSprite’s global network of subject matter experts serve a range of sectors including technology, retail, hospitality & tourism, education, telecommunications, healthcare & pharma, manufacturing, and the extractive industries. In mitigating risks to reputation, operations, and prospects for growth in markets abroad, it’s vital for organizations to have a trusted partner in helping them assess and remediate their exposure, analyze decisions, and simulate the consequences of likely future scenarios. Read GPR Content →

Advisory Services

VerSprite Geo-Cyber advisory services provide clients with highly customized and comprehensive findings presented in a report and delivered in an interactive briefing. Analysis is based on the scope and positioning of global presence, including physical and human assets, corporate cyber footprint, and other dependencies around domestic and foreign socioeconomic and political forces. VerSprite provides a variety of specialized services to help businesses conduct thorough due diligence, vet vendors and partners, prepare for expansion, and assess the effectiveness of current or planned strategies.

Geo-Cyber Risk Exposure:


In 2018, the average data breach cost a business $3.86 million (a 6.4% increase from 2017), per the Ponemon Institute.

VerSprite provides businesses with a comprehensive assessment of risks and opportunities at the intersection of cybersecurity and geopolitics, helping companies understand their vulnerabilities and anticipate how changes could affect business continuity as they contend with a changing operating environment. Speak with an Expert →

Market Entry:


Three quarters of business leaders expect to expand to at least two new countries over the next 5 years, according to a survey by global workforce recruitment firm Globalization Partners.

VerSprite prepares comprehensive reports in preparation for a company’s decision to explore or enter a new market or sector segment, to identify risks and opportunities in new business and security environments. Learn More →

M&A/Joint Partnership Due Diligence:


Among respondents to Deloitte’s 2019 M&A Trends Report survey, 23% cited inadequate due diligence as a root cause for underperformance following an M&A. One third of respondents in the same study are currently undergoing the acquisition of targets operating principally in foreign markets.

VerSprite offers due diligence assessments in support of M&A processes and prospective joint partnerships, to identify any possible problems or legal and reputational risks associated with such ventures. Speak with an Expert →

Supply Chain Risk:


Supply chain attacks cost businesses an average of $1.1 million, and 80% of respondents envision software supply chain attacks as a top cyber threat in the next three years, as per CrowdStrike’s 2018 annual Global Supply Chain survey.

VerSprite provides assessments of a comprehensive supply chain security strategy which aggregates vendor risk and partnership due diligence, evaluating threats to the collective data flow supply chain.

For clients looking to access VerSprite expertise to support a quick decision or understand the business impact of a breaking news development, with no time to consider and execute a broader statement of work, VerSprite offers hourly on-demand consultations with a senior member of the Geopolitical Risk practice to answer questions, provide insight, and suggest offerings customized to address immediate needs.

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Interactive Simulation Experiences

The deployment of an incident response team has been linked to a 10% cost reduction per record compromised in a data breach, according to an IBM Study on the Hidden Costs of Data Breaches.

Assembling an Incident Response team is a good first step, however deploying an effective Incident Response team requires putting its plans to the test in a variety of situations. VerSprite designs and facilitates tabletop exercises that serve to stress-test your organization on mitigation strategies and assess your ability to address threats stemming from geopolitical causal factors, as well as analyze complex questions, and train teams to follow more effective practices.

Following a review of a company’s risk exposure and current corporate processes, our experts gather and perform a hypothetical situation exercise featuring various scenarios built on historical or anticipated events. The goal is to prepare for potential threats that could carry financial, operational or reputational damages, or uncover opportunities to grow the business. Interactive simulations give every team within a company a chance to weigh in on complex decisions to create cohesive, and thereby more successful, strategies.

After the hypothetical scenarios and tabletop exercises, VerSprite provides clients with a summary report, and security experts provide recommended actions based on the company’s performance, root-cause analysis, and conclusions made during tabletop simulations.

Diagnostic Simulations

Diagnostic Simulations are designed to help businesses understand which processes are effective, insufficient, or inadequately integrated to workflows, to help companies anticipate and respond to changing operations conditions and crises.



Analytic Simulations help businesses answer questions interactively, with the involvement of representatives from departments across the company, to explore issues from multiple perspectives and create cohesive strategies for pursuing a business goal.



Training Simulations help businesses integrate new processes, practice business continuity plans, and prepare employees to see their daily work through the lens of cyber-geopolitics. Training exercises can also be adapted to train employees in safe practices before travel and practice cultural and business etiquette, as well as prepare professors, staff, and students for study abroad programs.


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