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Geopolitical Risk Consulting

Obtain a Complete Picture of Your Threat Landscape

Don't Leave Your Organization Exposed to Threats Related to Global Shifts

Our suite of Geopolitical Risk services will take your decision-making capabilities to the next level by introducing analysis that traces and captures root causes of the problems you are tackling or the threats you are facing. Geopolitical Risk consulting can also help you further unlock your organization’s potential by discovering previously unforeseen opportunities for you to flourish in the global economy.

Organizations today operate in a complex globalized environment, and in order to thrive, we must be attuned to micro and macro threats alike. Leaders have made great strides in recognizing the value of assessing operational and technical risk, thereby mitigating information security threats and protecting their financial and legal health. Having developed tactical and strategic experience across a diverse range of industries, VerSprite has the foresight to assert that Geopolitical Risk is the next frontier.

Derive Causal Factors for More Direct Tangible Threats

Traditionally, we have seen the world’s largest companies formally factor macro socioeconomic and political considerations into their business analysis, decisions, and strategies. However, it has become painstakingly clear that multinational corporations are not the only organizations who are impacted by these risks.

Our Geopolitical Risk practice was founded on the strong belief that – for organizations of any size – obtaining a full picture of the threat landscape necessitates considering global macro risks. From global macro analysis we can derive causal factors for more direct tangible threats. The logic behind this is that geopolitical events or trends often serve as drivers for those direct impacts.

The tangible threats may be related to criminal behavior, changes in consumer demand or preferences, internal pressures such as employee expectations, continuity or lack thereof (interruption) of products or services along the supply chain, and many more. Firms who are not seeking geopolitical risk expertise are already behind. They are leaving themselves exposed to threats related to global shifts and are susceptible to being blindsided by impactful unexpected global events.

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