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Top 10 Cybersecurity & Geopolitical Risk Issues [Envisions 2019]

Organizations often find themselves pawns in an environment of substantial geopolitical flux, with formerly stable areas suddenly undergoing changes that affect operating environments, reputations, and profitability.

Given the increases in vulnerability to geopolitical flux for companies of all sizes and in nearly every sector every company needs to develop a Geo-Cyber Strategy, to ensure their business has a firm understanding of risk tolerance and exposure.

  • At the global level, corporate decision-makers must contend with leadership changes, evolving trade agreements or trade wars, and the effects of climate change, as the international economy begins to slow, and inequality rises.
  • At the country level, labor unrest, new regulatory regimes, and dependence on aging infrastructure vulnerable to debilitating ransomware attacks and cascade failure will require placating vocal workforces to ensure business continuity.
  • At the local level, a growing focus on moral hazards, and the evolution of the #MeToo movement will incentivize greater scrutiny and attempts to access data that can cast light on leaders rumored to be offenders, increasing financial costs while contributing to reputational harm.
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