VerSprite Evolved Cybersecurity Consulting based on PASTA Threat Model VerSprite Evolved Cybersecurity Consulting based on PASTA Threat Model

Evolved Security Consulting

Building on Risk Reduction, Focusing on Security Automation

With cyberattacks increasing in number and sophistication daily, organizations must adapt to the ever-evolving threat landscape.

VerSprite approaches cybersecurity from a holistic risk management perspective. As a leading global cybersecurity consulting firm, our mission is to provide organizations with detection across all their attack surfaces and deliver critical insight into all possible attack methods.

In addition, VerSprite offers advanced security solutions like our cyber threat intelligence portal and our cloud security assessment platform. VerSprite's products help organizations track high profile threats, understand their security risks and the related business impact, and improve their cybersecurity posture.

As business & technology evolve, so should cybersecurity strategies.

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By analyzing both the organization's business objectives and the attacker's malicious intent, we have established a risk-based cybersecurity consulting model that is not reactive but proactive.

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VerSprite Cybersecurity

Our security solutions provide organizations with comprehensive visibility into their security posture so that security leaders can clearly visualize their security risks and the related business impact.

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client retention rate, over ten years

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the great folks at VerSprite Security. This firm has enabled my teams to demonstrate the value of application security testing on multiple engagements. I can assure you they provide an incredible breadth and quality of security services at a great rate. Versprite set the bar very high when it comes to incredible customer service, technical proficiency, as well as providing assurance and effectively articulating risk...

- Director for a major international telecommunications company.

...It has been my personal experience that the VerSprite team doesn’t just provide visibility into the ‘opportunities to improve appsec’, but provides and assists organizations understand clear recommendations on how to remediate those opportunity – This competency and incredible value proposition makes VerSprite a strong player to add to your firms security testing portfolio.

- Director for a major international telecommunications company.

Your organization provides excellent security services. I congratulate you on assembling and maintaining a great team of 'can do' versus paper consultants. The high standards you've set and maintained for your organization is a key factor for why we're in year three with VerSprite. To anyone or organization desiring strategy consults, implementation and/or operational support services, I recommend the VerSprite organization.

- VP of Fortune 10 U.S. company

We do have a basic “Bug Bounty” program, but realize that the work you guys have done is much more advanced than identifying the average glitch or bug.

- Director, Multi-National Company in Software Development

We get assessed continuously and understand the business driver, but this vendor assessment [by VerSprite] has been both enlightening and relevant to what we provide as a service to our client.

- Austin based SaaS Provider

We are an international squad of professionals working as one.