The Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis (PASTA) provides businesses a strategic process for mitigating cybercrime risks by looking first and foremost at cyber threat mitigation as a business problem.

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FireEye Attack From A Nation-State Cybersecurity Discussing the Aftermath

FireEye's Incident Response, Transparency, and What It Means for the Cybersecurity Community When One Of Our Own Gets Hacked

The FireEye attack from a nation-sate is a hard lesson to the entire cyber security community and a reminder of our own vulnerability as professionals. In this podcast, VerSprite's security experts have a candid discussion on the bigger questions this attack renders and how to respond in our own efforts and to clients when one of our own is hacked.

"During this difficult time, we stand with FireEye and applaud them on the number of resources and transparency they've shown regarding the stolen red team tools to ensure others are prepared if they become weaponized."
- VerSprite

VerSprite CyberSecurity Podcast Participants:

Tony UcedaVélez, VerSprite CEO
Paul Miller, Director of Threat Intelligence
Bethany Keele, Senior Threat Intelligence Consultant
Joaquin Paredes, Managing Consultant & OffSec Leader
April Brown, Director of Marketing




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