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Mergers & Acquisitions Geopolitical Risk Assessments

Assess the New Joint Risk Posture

Understand Your Threat Landscape Before Merging with a New Entity

Analyze Potential Political, Socio-economic and Cultural Risks

Mergers and acquisitions carry implications beyond rudimentary operational or financial viability analysis. When two separate entities become one, their threat landscapes superimpose upon one another and geopolitical risks can be compounded.

VerSprite’s M&A assessments consider political, socio-economic and cultural threats in this context, providing an analysis of risks related to the acquisition of another organization or the merging of two entities. We identify risks to the acquiring party posed by the acquired party’s threat landscape and assess the new joint risk posture of two merged parties. Mitigation strategies are prescribed to address findings.

Geopolitical Risk Content & Resources

Assess your new geopolitical risks before your organization joins, merges, or acquires another entity.