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Security Operations (SecOps)

Security Automation & Cloud Security

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VerSprite Solves Unique Problems for Clients

Our security engineers focus on solving unique problems for clients plagued with security noise, limited resources, or costly 3rd party tools that under-deliver. From on-prem security automation that can facilitate better threat analysis to Cloud-Based security auditing and hardening that is continuous and real time.

Security Engineering for Cloud & On-Prem Environments

The focus of SecOps services revolves around security engineering for Cloud and On-Prem environments (which includes Managed Hosting or CoLo environments). Our group offer a range of managed security services aimed at providing a service that addresses client challenges across vulnerability management, threat analysis, technical remediation, system auditing/ hardening, and more.

For Cloud, our group is addressing some of the rising challenges affecting many DevOps teams that are deploying and orchestrating machines in the Cloud. From poor architectural, rogue virtual machines, unhardened cloud components – our continuous monitoring and auditing tools are custom built for addressing and resolving these challenges.

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Cloud Security Services

Unfortunately, the fast pace of Cloud (IaaS|PaaS|SaaS) adoption has not been met with an equally earnest push for security in the Cloud by many companies. As such, many organizations are quickly finding an array of security flaws in their cloud deployments – from rogue virtual machines to simply insecure Cloud components – VerSprite specializes in building managed service models that focus on Cloud security.

Our custom tools and reporting checks are applied continuously in order that our clients can obtain real-time insight to when deltas occur in terms of both performance and security configuration.

Regardless if your Cloud environment is Azure, AWS, OpenStack or beyond, we provide the tools and expertise to not only get answers but close identified gaps.

Key areas that are supported by our Cloud Security Service offerings includes the following:

  • Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management
  • Virtualization & Application Security
  • Cloud Security Audits

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Managed Security Solutions

There is more to managed security services than just running security tools and ‘eyes on glass’ approaches to security events in endless ticket queues. Amazingly, many large organizations are still investing or building similar tools without truly understanding how security events are being triggered or correlated. This is important to know in the realm of security engineering as a lack of strategy can easily become a blackhole of security investments for CFOs and company executive sponsors.

VerSprite departs from traditional SOC services in the sense that we focus on investing in building or aligning with more sophisticated forms of technology that can detect more accurately and based upon an actual threat model. VerSprite develops a customer threat model for client organizations and manages solutions around this model, calibrating the model daily, which is more adaptive than the traditional approach that companies are taking today of simply responding to tickets.

Learn how VerSprite’s SecOps team can provide a new level of managed security solutions that provide improved context around discovered vulnerabilities, compromise assessments, incident/event response, and overall threat analysis. Discover lean, effective managed service models from real security engineers.

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