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How DevSecOps Efforts Are Changing How We Govern Security Controls

Adhering to Security Requirements

The rise of regulations and demand for more agile engineering practices is forcing CISOs and security programs to develop more sophisticated ways to adhere to security requirements from regulations, internal governance, and clients.

The latest talk in managing security programs is the ability to make “shift left” in terms of implementing controls. This concept translates to being able to not apply security controls post-implementation but rather during pre-implementation phases in a System or Software Development Lifecycle.

These stages (such as the Definition, Design, or even Development phase) can allow for security requirements to be conceptualized and applied before an Implementation phase.

This webinar focuses on how DevSecOps efforts are changing how we govern security controls via greater automation tools that are readily available to leverage. This webinar demonstrates how the future can support for more cost effective governance models, regardless of industry or size of IT environment.

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