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We Live in an Era Where Businesses Are Shifting to the Cloud

There has been a tremendous change over the past decade as more businesses have shifted their resources from on-prem infrastructures to Cloud environments. As Greg Mosher, VP of Product Security and SecOps at VerSprite recalled from his first experience working for a company that made the migration, “You know, certainly, even though I was in a fairly large engineering organization, we just didn't have the staffing that really understood Cloud. There was not a lot of external resources out there for us. So, it was a lot just learn as you go.”

Times have changed since Greg was introduced to the Cloud eight years ago. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) such as Amazon AWS and S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform have expanded their capabilities for bringing resources from on-prem to virtual. They have worked to meet the needs of their corporate and private clients, which has led to an estimated 83% of enterprise workloads hosted in the cloud in 2020, according to LogicMonitor.

Many Businesses Face Security and Management Issues When Moving Resources to the Cloud

Even with the progress CSPs have made, there is still a lot of barriers for organizations who want to make the shift to Cloud and those trying to maintain secure environments. Among some of the more prominent issues is the process of migration from on-prem to Cloud, misconfigurations, security risks, and the nuances of maintaining resources across multiple regions and accounts. CSPs are still working to improve their platforms, but meanwhile, organizations need help.

VerSprite’s Cloud Security Services and Tools Offer Businesses Help Managing and Securing Their Cloud Environments

VerSprite has been working with organizations to move to and maintain secure Cloud environments. Our team understands the frustrations many CISOs and IT teams deal with daily. In this brief podcast interview, VerSprite CEO, Tony UcedaVélez, and Greg Mosher dive into some of the main difficulties organizations face with Cloud security and management and offer actionable advice on how teams can mitigate some of these issues.


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