Understanding risk begins with understanding mission criticality for any business. After all, the level of security applied should be commensurate to the value of an asset being protected. Unfortunately, too much FUD has clouded security strategy. At VerSprite, the center of our services revolves around tailored threat models that help shape the guidance we provide our clients. With a 98% client retention rate, come discover what makes our suite of professional services to be unlike any other.

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Today's Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) challenges lie with stifled workflows. VerSprite's hybrid methodology fosters sustainable and repeatable GRC processes that work.

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Your flagship app may bring down your castle if security was not part of its foundation. Let VerSprite assess your process and control level defenses in order to gauge risk levels.

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Much of today's security services gravely miss the mark on integrating a risk-based approach to information security. The terms 'risk' & 'threat' are easy to speak of, but are they really understood in the context of business? VerSprite identifies business and operational context as part of any security engagement, allowing us to see the bigger picture in terms of why security matters.

Our hybrid approach of considering security in relation to business objectives defines who we are. In an era where the messaging of a security panacea or cyber-apocalypse is bountiful, it is important to have a security partner that is both experienced and grounded. Navigate beyond the mirage of rubberstamping security and FUD (Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt) and allow us to show you the oasis of security for which you have been searching.

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