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Error 500 | Exceptions That Will Get You Owned – BSidesATL 2013

Vulnerabilities Discovered for Java Web Application Frameworks

Benjamin Watson, Director of Security Research, reviews the vulnerabilities discovered for Java Web Application Frameworks leading to Error 500, the impact they present, and why stack traces should never be considered a low risk. This video will serve as an introduction to the vulnerability classes, how to identify and test for them in web application security assessments and penetration tests. BSidesATL 2013-Benjamin Watson-Error 500 | Exceptions That Will Get You Owned from Security BSides on Vimeo.

Protect Your Assets from Various Threat Actors

VerSprite's Research and Development division (a.k.a VS-Labs) is comprised of individuals who are passionate about diving into the internals of various technologies. Our clients rely on VerSprite's unique offerings of zero-day vulnerability research and exploit development to protect their assets from various threat actors. From advanced technical security training to our research for hire B.O.S.S offering, we help organizations solve their most complex technical challenges. Learn more about Research as a Service →

View our security advisories detailing vulnerabilities found in major products for MacOs, Windows, Android, and iOS.

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