VerSprite's Vulnerability Security Research and Development Services VerSprite's Vulnerability Security Research and Development Services

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VerSprite's Research and Development division (a.k.a VS-Labs) is comprised of individuals who are passionate about diving into the internals of various technologies. Our clients rely on VerSprite's unique offerings of zero-day vulnerability research and exploit development to protect their assets from various threat actors. From advanced technical security training to our research for hire B.O.S.S offering, we help organizations solve their most complex technical challenges.

Vulnerability Research, Exploit Development, Reverse Engineering, and Security Training

Maintaining awareness regarding unknown threats to your products, technologies, and enterprise networks are key. Customers that are willing to take the next step in proactively securing their flagship product or environment can leverage our zero-day vulnerability research offering. This subscription-based capability provides the customer immediate access to zero-day vulnerabilities affecting their products, and software used throughout their organization.

Essentially a research for hire for client specific goals and objectives. VerSprite's Research and Development division prides itself on being able to solve technical challenges for its customers. VerSprite's BOSS offering allows our clients to utilize these capabilities and dive into the security internals of their products.

VerSprite's advanced technical security training is created from VerSprite's Research and Development division. VerSprite's training offerings provide unique and original content that targets the advanced user and allows them to up their game in a technical discipline. Learn More →

View our security advisories detailing vulnerabilities found in major products for MacOs, Windows, Android, and iOS.

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