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Managed Security Services

VerSprite Delivers Integrated Risk Management Services

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Risk Mitigation & Remediation

Do you know the SLAs, KPIs behind your managed security service? Chances are you don’t actually have any since many managed security service providers don’t define them for their customers.

Identifying Threats and the Likelihood of Exploitation for Attack Surfaces

Many firms talk about “managing risk”, but few perform at VerSprite’s level of deriving residual risk analysis and operationalizing security & compliance as part of managed security programs. We integrate risk analysis activities by not only identifying threats and likelihood of exploitation for attack surfaces, but also by considering security’s impact values that affect compliance obligations, broken SLAs, unfulfilled KPIs, and more. Beyond risk identification, VerSprite builds solutions for effective risk mitigation or remediation tailored to each client.


Vulnerability Management

Includes false positive analysis on vulnerabilities found in order to reduce ‘security [data] noise’ and unnecessary remediation queues that can easily inflate infrastructure, system, and application security risks for security programs.


Remediation Management

Providing multiple solutions for risk mitigation based upon expertise in architecture, system hardening, and application security.


Custom vSOC (virtual SOC) Services

VerSprite provides a wide array of support for both commercial and custom solutions that provide various forms of security monitoring. From file integrity monitoring to security incident event monitoring, we have an evolved security program that will prove more efficient.


File Integrity Monitoring

Most let security product software companies implement file integrity monitoring, however, this can lead to an enormous overhead of addressing thousand of false positives. We provide managed service models around FIM that are based upon system level threat models that denote which files are most crucial to your operations and lines of business.


SIEM Monitoring

Departing from traditional ‘eyes on glass’ approaches that are still being used in traditional SOC environments, VerSprite’s SecOps team looks beyond broken signature based approaches that create needless busy work and focus on attack patterns that map to a threat model. Inquire how SecOps vSOC services can provide the monitoring you need based upon your custom threat model.


Operationalizing Compliance

If your security program is still compliance driven, this means you and your program are being led by regulatory requirements versus a threat based understanding of your company’s infrastructure. In an effort to reduce the burden of compliance, VerSprite has helped companies ‘operationalize compliance’ – a term intended to reduce the effects of compliance efforts on not just security teams but also members of IT who are harassed on producing audit artifacts during an audit season.

The cost of compliance is rising and as the regulations change and increase in number, it’s important to lean on experienced global professionals such as VerSprite to help you operationalize compliance efforts. Today we are ‘operationalizing compliance’ by automating control checks across technical environments and archiving compliance evidence for audit seasons. From infrastructure assets, to servers and applications – VerSprite is building customer automation checks across physical/virtual IT environments in an effort to automate audit processes and build a culture of security that extends beyond simply audit periods. Reach out to find more.

Learn how VerSprite is evolving managed security service models to factor in threat modeling and lead to greater risk reduction measures.

At VerSprite, accountability for our services and to our clients is paramount. While many providers struggle to create meaningful security metrics, VerSprite defines and fulfills on service levels that relate to measurable risk reduction activities around vulnerability management, file identify monitoring, configuration management, rogue asset detection, network segregation, security hardening and more. Examples of our integrated risk management services include:

Virtual CISO services are reflective of security drivers from various parts of the business. Risk reporting is correlated to product groups and lines of business affected by identified risks managed by the CISO office. {CISO, vCISO, Risk Management}

Vendor risk is still under-acknowledged. Frameworks are not helping to identify and analyze what is truly at risk. Our contextual vendor risk assessment efforts are unparalleled. {vendor risk, risk context, vendor management}

VerSprite excels where everyone falls short in risk analysis: probabilistic threat analysis and impact quantification. Learn how our team differs. {risk analysis, threat analysis, business impact}

Learn how a tailored assessment can help your organization avoid unexpected costs and seize unrealized opportunities.

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