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Interim/Virtual CISO Services

Interim Virtual Ciso

Build a Security Program & Make Risk-Based Decisions

Developing and managing a security program requires vision, experience, and an ability to make risk-based decisions that support business objectives. Work with a team of seasoned risk professionals who know how to deliver a roadmap for an effective and tailored security program. Learn More →

Define, Manage, and Optimize Your Security Programs

VerSprite develops a custom-managed CISO program for your organization based upon your company's current needs, maturity of the security controls, and IT platform. Recognizing that companies are in three potential states of defining, managing, or optimizing their security programs, we develop managed service models that align to these collective stages of security maturity.

CISOs today fall into two camps – the technical CISO who understand business risk or the CISO that is simply a figurehead. The latter will not yield progress for a security program invested in moving forward with an Information Security Management System that extends beyond a security plan. The former is the rarity but is fortunately increasing in need and popularity as companies require CISOs to be well-versed in both technical and business needs.

In building a vCISO model for our clients, VerSprite assesses your technology footprint, data governance model, regulatory landscape, industry threats and range of resources which can influence the type of program that may be right for you. Inquire with us on how we can tailor a vCISO or ISO model for you and the specific industry that you operate in. Learn More →

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