Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Black-Box Security Testing to Examine an Application From the Attacker’s Perspective


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VerSprite Marries Automation & Manual Dynamic Application Security Testing

When organizations think of DAST they think of tools that run scripted security checks, but any infosec experts don’t realize that DAST testing efforts can come through humans that can manually code evolved application scripts that seek to abuse application use cases.

VerSprite initiates a black-box dynamic analysis security test of an application environment in order to interact with the application and system interpreter in order to identify weak areas where injection base attacks, the elevation of privileges, improper escaping, and validation may be taking place.

In addition, VerSprite conducts DAST against web APIs in order to identify vulnerable web interfaces. Lastly, VerSprite evolves from a black-box approach to a gray-box approach by using application credentials with varying privileges at the application level and platform stack.