Online Security Training for Work from Home Remote Employees

A free cybersecurity training series for businesses with remote workers


Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Goes Beyond the Office

Today is not business as usual. While companies are making the decision to allow employees to work from home, cybersecurity has never been more important or uncertain. New security procedures must be adopted and now, more than ever, employees must be educated on how to stay safe online.

At VerSprite, we know how important it is to keep your sensitive company data protected. We are offering access to a free, 4-part training video series to you and your employees to help protect your organization’s cybersecurity posture as it makes the transition to allow employees to work remotely.

Video Training Series: Online Security When Working From Home

What cybersecurity procedures do employees need to know before working remotely from home?

Throughout this series, we will help you navigate what security considerations you need for setting up your home office, securing your home and remote networks, what the most common phishing attacks are, and security considerations for remote IT staff. We will start the training series with some basic security tips for working from home or in remote environments. Start Training Series →

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