How To Keep Company Data Secure in Remote Office Settings

What Your Employees Need to Know Before Working From Home


Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Goes Beyond the Office

Before working outside an organization’s office environment, you should consider how to keep your organization’s data secure. It is easy to feel secure from the comfort of your own home, or your favorite, local coffee shop, but even those familiar settings may expose sensitive company data or conversations.

In the first installment of our 4-part series, we will discuss some security precautions to take while in your home office or a remote working environment.


Cybersecurity Video Training: Security Considerations for Your Home Office

Key Takeaways for Work From Home Security

  • Regardless of the situation, if you are in a nonprivate environment, you must be mindful about how your company data may be exposed.
  • Limit the way you interact/engage in conference calls if you can be overheard.
    • Wear headphones
    • Be mindful of what you say
    • Do you have a roommate? If they work for a rival company or in the same industry – be careful with what you say where they can overhear
  • Lower the likelihood of accidental data loss or theft by:
    • Lock your screen and put a password on your computer
    • Use caution when letting someone else use your equipment – especially work-provided equipment or that may have work-related things on it
  • IoT smart devices like Alexa or Google Nest may compromise your data.
    • The contents of your conference calls may be recorded entirely by these devices. Unplug these devices to prevent data loss

Watch Video 2: Securing Your Home Network →

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