Knowledge is power. Develop your Geo-cyber strategy before making critical business decisions.

This report not only identifies the top 10 global threats, challenges, and opportunities, but also serves as a guide to help your organization develop and refine your geo-cyber strategy for the remainder of 2020.


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The Top 10 Cybersecurity Risks in 2020

Organizations often find themselves pawns in an environment of substantial geopolitical flux, with formerly stable areas suddenly undergoing changes that affect operating environments, reputations, and profitability.

Given the increases in vulnerability to geopolitical flux for companies of all sizes and in nearly every sector every company needs to develop a Geo-Cyber Strategy, to ensure their business has a firm understanding of risk tolerance and exposure.

    • At the global level, the novel coronavirus, social corporate responsibility, and waning relations between Europe and the United States puts a strain on the resources and future initiatives of both government and business decision-makers.


    • At the country level, Russia threatens government agencies and industry leaders in countries that are affiliated with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 5G cellular technology promises to bring new possibilities to stakeholders in numerous countries at an increased risk of security concerns. Hacktivist campaigns pose a threat to both government agencies and various private sector businesses located in countries that are in international conflict or experiencing civil strife.


  • At the local level, ransomware plagues state governments and private sector companies in the United States. Threat actors also use ransomware against industrial control systems and financial institutions, especially in the Middle East.
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