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Cybersecurity with an Integrated Risk-Centric Approach

Literary Antidotes for Today's Security Snake Oil

Security Resources

VerSprite Reacts: Aviation Scandal & Corporate Espionage

Global Threats

Corporate espionage is not a new phenomenon, but dependence on tech, and the ability of corporate spies to steal large amounts of information much faster now than in the past, poses new challenges for firms looking to safeguard intellectual property and sensitive data.

Security Resources

VerSprite Reacts: Managing Global Risks of Emerging AI Technology

Enterprise Data Security

Increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities make headlines daily. As with any new tech, however, AI also comes with a range of security vulnerabilities, some of which can substantially exacerbate a company’s exposure not only to cybersecurity issues, but also geopolitical risk.

Security Resources

VerSprite Podcast: Threat Libraries in the Cloud

PASTA Threat Modeling

Tony UcedaVélez, CEO and Founder of VerSprite, discusses his threat modeling methodology in the Application Security Podcast. Tony started VerSprite with the idea of developing a team of ‘security hybrids’​ – consummate security professionals that personify both technical mastery around emerging technologies and associated threats, as well as a foundation on business processes, acumen, and overall mindset.

Security Resources

VerSprite Reacts: Google+ Data Breach 

Data Security Breach

Revelations of a massive breach of Google+, a largely defunct challenger to Facebook, suggests that the data of hundreds of thousands of users was compromised over a period from 2015 to March 2018.

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