Application Security on a Dime 2020

This presentation was originally created for the Triad of ISSA NC's Security Summit 2020. For more information on ISSA NC, visit their website

How Do Teams Tackle Application Security During the Development Lifecycle?

When teams start considering application security, it can feel like you are being thrown into the open ocean without a lifeboat. Security threats can hit you like waves from all sides, while you are just looking for a navigation system to help guide you through each step of securing your code.

In this presentation, Tony UcedaVélez, CEO of VerSprite cybersecurity consulting and leader of OWASP Atlanta, steered attendees through the developer benefits, helpful security guides, and break from the storm that collaboratives like OWASP offer. He also shares some trade-favorite technologies, security tools, and techniques that you and your team can use to inject security into every stage of your development lifecycle. View the entire lecture on-demand now and follow along with the complete slide deck below.

OWASP Resources and Security Tools for Developerts

Application Security on a Dime Slide Deck

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