Road to the Executive Seat Panel Discussion: The African American CISO Journey

The African American CISO Journey

The Technology and Cybersecurity Industries Have a Diversity Issue

Why do African Americans make up only 3% of the technology and cybersecurity industries? What challenges do African Americans face to rise to C-level, executive positions within corporations?

Join our host, VerSprite’s Oscar Williams, and a panel of four African American CISO thought leaders, to discuss underrepresentation, challenges African Americans face in the workplace and get advice on how to move up the corporate ladder. This was a Live panel discussion that streamed July 22, 2020.

Thank You To Our CISO Panelists:

Michael McNeil CISO, McKesson Corporation
Gary Eppinger Global CISO & CPO, Carnival Corporation
Nicole Ford VP and CISO, Carrier
Meredith Harper VP & CISO, Eli Lilly and Company
Oscar Williams Host & Director of Sales, VerSprite

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PASTA Threat Modeling

PASTA Threat Modeling: The Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis

VerSprite leverages our PASTA (Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis) methodology to apply a risk-based approach to threat modeling. This methodology integrates business impact, inherent application risk, trust boundaries among application components, correlated threats, and attack patterns that exploit identified weaknesses from the threat modeling exercises.

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