Security Testing Consulting Services: Penetration Testing & Red Teaming Security Testing Consulting Services: Penetration Testing & Red Teaming

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VerSprite Security Testing

Tactical, Offensive, and Adversarial Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, and Social Engineering

Pasta Threat Modeling

PASTA Threat Modeling: Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis
7 Stages of Cyber Attack Simulation & Threat Analysis

Through utilizing our risk-based PASTA Threat Modeling process, VerSprite simulates realistic cyber attacks by a malicious threat actor. PASTA threat modeling consists of 7 stages for simulating cyber attacks and analyzing threats.

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VerSprite Security Testing: Threat-Inspired Exploitation Services

We didn’t just start exploiting code yesterday. VerSprite’s cybersecurity consulting firm is made up of an elite division of cybersecurity experts who have been trained to think like the enemy. VerSprite evaluates and analyzes applications, for known and unknown security vulnerabilities from the perspective of both an anonymous user and a credentialed user.

Attacker-Focused Security Testing Services
Identify Cyber Attack Patterns That Could Undermine Your Security

PASTA threat modeling allows our pen testers, red teamers, and cybersecurity experts to help you identify critical vulnerabilities, minimize risks, and ultimately prevent negative business impact. We truly capture and understand the cyber criminal aspects in associated threat motives in order to emulate attack patterns that support real-life threat motives. VerSprite approaches cybersecurity from a holistic risk management perspective. By analyzing both the organization's objectives and the attacker's malicious intent, we have established risk-based security testing model that is not reactive but proactive.

VerSprite’s cybersecurity experts think like cybercriminals.
We emulate realistic attack scenarios, identify weaknesses,
prioritize vulnerabilities, and remediate critical issues.

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