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VerSprite has years of experience with clients of all industries tailored security engagements.

Each industry has varying degrees of inherent risks to address. Along with varying security risks, there are differing compliance risks that organizations uniquely face across industry segments. VerSprite has long recognized the uniqueness of inherent threats, risks, and regulatory impacts to our clients.

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Key services sought for this sector include application threat modeling, vCISO services for small financial institutions, operationalizing compliance via SecOps, forensic services, pen testing as a service, Cloud Security Audits, mobile security audits, web application security testing, and managed security testing services.

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Key services sought for this sector include security audits, security awareness training, compliance assessments, compromise assessments, FedRamp/FISMA readiness efforts, managed remediation services, secure software development contracts, cloud security audits, Privacy Impact Assessments, and risk assessments.managed security testing services.

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Key services sought for this sector include Meaningful Use Risk Assessments, Privacy Impact Assessments, Incident Response & Forensic Analysis, Compromise Assessments, Security Awareness Training, Penetration Testing, Organizational Threat Models/Red Teaming, managed security services in vulnerability management.

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Key services sought for this sector include penetration testing for card data environments, managed pen testing services, readiness compliance assessment, vendor risk assessments, security awareness training, cloud security audits, managed cloud security services, mobile security testing.

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