Clarifying Concepts Around Geopolitics and Geopolitical Risk [Ebook] Clarifying Concepts Around Geopolitics and Geopolitical Risk [Ebook]

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Geopolitical Cyber Threats and Business Operations

Clarifying Concepts Around Geopolitical Risk [Ebook]

What is Geopolitical Risk?

The literal meaning of “geopolitics” is how the politics of a nation are affected by its geography. Geopolitics considers how people across nations relate to each other as well through international relations, governance, institutions, trade, and the coalescing of cultures.

Why Should Your Organization Care?

Organizations today operate in a complex globalized environment, and in order to thrive, they must be attuned to micro and macro threats alike. Firms who are not seeking geopolitical risk expertise are leaving themselves exposed to threats related to global shifts and are susceptible to being blindsided by impactful unexpected global events.

Cybersecurity and geopolitics are inextricably linked. To holistically tackle threats to our information security, we must take a step back and examine their causal roots and drivers, which take place day after day on the international stage.

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