US Company Exploring FinTech - Geopolitical Risk Case Study US Company Exploring FinTech - Geopolitical Risk Case Study

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US Company Exploring FinTech

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An interactive simulation was designed and facilitated for a US company exploring entry into the cryptocurrency sector to understand the steps involved and explore potential regulatory changes that could affect operations.


The simulation included injects designed by cryptocurrency subject matter experts, including investors, developers, and lawyers, working in collaboration with the designer. The simulation was facilitated at client headquarters and involved 12 participants.

Geopolitical Risk Simulations

How can VerSprite help you better understand your geopolitical risk and cyber risk exposure?

VerSprite designs and facilitates tabletop exercises that serve to stress-test your organization on mitigation strategies and assess your ability to address threats stemming from geopolitical causal factors. Read more →

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Geopolitical issues can quickly manifest into crises.

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