Vendor Risk Assessments vs. Third-Party Risk Management Software Vendor Risk Assessments vs. Third-Party Risk Management Software

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Vendor Risk Assessment Services vs. Third-Party Risk Management Software (VRA vs. TPRM)

How to choose the best vendor risk management program

Third-party breaches are among the most common data breaches, resulting in 63% of all enterprise breaches.

When choosing a vendor risk management solution for your organization, security leaders should consider the pros and cons of using Third-Party Risk Management software (TPRM) versus Vendor Risk Assessment services (VRA) to understand which is best for your organization. We will also provide high-level advice on VRA vs. TPRM based on your organization’s maturity (startups, enterprises, etc.).

In this eBook VerSprite’s GRC team review seven critical elements to take into consideration when creating your vendor risk management program. The seven factors we review include coverage, speed, risk relevance, integration, cost, vendor risk management frameworks, and compliance.

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This eBook breaks down the top 7 factors to determine if you need a Third-Party Risk Management Software or VRA service partner.

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