Incident Response

Incident Response

Achieve a Coordinated Containment and Remediation Plan

Incident Response

Explore VerSprite’s Incident Response Services

Our DFIR team works in concert with your organization’s business goals, people, and processes to achieve a coordinated containment and remediation plan. VerSprite brings years of experience in incident response to your organization. Contact us for a customized, strategic approach or retainer options.

  1. Preparation

    VerSprite’s holistic approach to incident response includes a sound preparation strategy for the organization, relevant teams, and infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure your organization has resiliency in the event of an incident. We focus on:

    • Risk identification
    • Policy compliance and governance review
    • Education
    • Communication procedures
    • Computer and network configuration
    • Response plan validation, including tabletop exercises
  2. Initial Response

    Our initial response focuses on collection and compilation of preliminary information, and determination of the scope of the incident. We’ll work with your team to determine the optimal course of action.

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  3. Investigation

    Execution is everything during a response. A response that enables a root cause analysis is critical. If your situation requires incident management, media forensics, log analysis, or subject interviews, all of these activities need to be orchestrated and focused to support the objectives of the response plan.

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  4. Remediation

    VerSprite understands the importance of using the right plan for an incident. Our remediation strategy will take into account your organization’s business goals, legal concerns, and technical environment to develop the ideal communication approach. We’ll partner with you to ensure the best possible results from the following steps:

    • Determine the remediation timing
    • Define and implement incident containment steps
    • Define and implement an eradication plan
    • Develop strategic recommendations
    • Develop a communication plan