VerSprite Cybersecurity Consulting

7 Stages of Risk-Based PASTA Threat Modeling:
Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis

VerSprite aligns threat modeling with your strategic business objectives and the process centers around cyber threat mitigation as a business problem. Our risk-based threat modeling process incorporates business impact analysis as an integral part of security and expands cybersecurity responsibilities beyond the IT department. Download Ebook →

Adversarial Security

VerSprite focuses on emulating test scenarios that reflect attack patterns and threat motives. We leverage our PASTA threat modeling framework to deliver realistic attack simulations and test the resiliency of your business from all angles.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

VerSprite investigates potential risks, uncovers cyber threats, and tracks suspicious behavior using automated processes, threat analytics, and open-sourced intelligence gathering techniques.

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Security Operations

VerSprite offers offers a range of managed security services that address challenges with cloud deployments, system auditing/hardening, compliance and securing continuous integration and delivery

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Beyond risk identification, VerSprite builds security programs and solutions for effective risk mitigation or remediation tailored to each organization.

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Research as a Service

Are unknown cybersecurity threats lurking in your product, technologies, and enterprise networks? VerSprite’s security researchers help organizations solve their most complex technical challenges and protect their assets from various threat actors.

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We serve our clients via niche security engagements.

VerSprite’s cybersecurity experts are passionate about helping our clients accomplish both their security and business objectives. We developed a risk-based PASTA threat modeling methodology aimed at applying security countermeasures that are commensurate to the possible impact that could be sustained from defined threat models, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and attack patterns.

The Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis (PASTA) consists of 7 stages for simulating cyber attacks and analyzing threats to the organization and application in scope. Learn more about our risk-based threat modeling process for mitigating cybercrime risks by looking at cyber threat mitigation as a business problem. Learn more →

VerSprite Security Platforms

Built Upon Our Consulting Services & Methodology:

VerSprite’s Cloud Security Assessment Platform (CSAP)

VerSprite’s enterprise-ready cloud security assessment platform helps improve management and incident-response time with its whole-environment view, risk prioritization, and immediate remediation recommendations.