Unpatched Security Vulnerability in OPTO 22 PAC Basic Software Unpatched Security Vulnerability in OPTO 22 PAC Basic Software

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Unpatched Security Vulnerability in OPTO 22 PAC Basic Software

VerSprite's VS-Labs discloses zero-day vulnerabilities found within Opto 22 PAC Control Basic software

Robert Hawes ● April 23, 2021

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OPTO 22 Zero-Day Vulnerability Disclosure

VerSprite’s Research and Development Team, VS-Labs, discovered a vulnerability in OPTO 22’s Control Basic Software suite that affects the Industrial Control System (ICS) and Operational Technology (OT) industries.

To date, this software remains unpatched and is a high-critical zero-day vulnerability that can leave ICS and OT organizations open to attack by malicious actors.

VerSprite’s VS-Labs initially discovered the Control.basic.exe vulnerability in July of 2020. Following proper protocol, we reached out to OPTO 22 within days of discovering the vulnerability and gave them ample time to produce a fix. Due to their inaction, we are releasing the vulnerability synopsis to raise awareness around this security issue. Please refer to our Vendor Disclosure Timeline on page 2 to review the steps we took to uncover the OPTO 22 PAC Control vulnerability.

UnPatched Vuln Found in Opto 22 PAC Control Basic Software

View VerSprite's Vulnerability Analysis Report for Opto 22 Pac Control Basic Software

CVEs for the Opto 22 PAC Software Zero-Day


This vulnerability is currently unpatched and your organization should be aware of the risk potential and take measures to secure your systems. Once a patch is released it is critical that organizations update.

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