Prevent Ransomware with Early Botnet Detection from VerSprite’s BreachSeeker

BreachSeeker can detect botnet infected organizations up to 42 days before ransomware strikes

With ransomware it is no longer a question of if it will happen to you – it’s when.

Ransomware attacks are increasing in frequency and ransom amount. But by the time most teams can detect network intrusion it is too late in the kill chain to stop it. The real danger begins at an earlier stage of the chain – at the botnet infection. That’s where the new battleground lies.

VerSprite’s Threat Intelligence team proves early botnet detection prevents ransomware attack more effectively. Our BreachSeeker hunting tool can successfully detect these botnet traffic globally from outside the infected organizations by monitoring and mining the exchanged metadata. With detection success up to 42 days before an attack strikes, the BreachSeeker tool acts as an early warning to our clients. This allows teams to lock down their networks and prevent future ransomware attacks.

Don’t just wait for an attack to strike, seek to prevent it.