Can You Spot When You’re Being Phished?

Phishing Awareness Training Tool

Many phishing awareness training tools only cover the most basic phishing techniques used by cybercriminals. This allows attackers with a degree of sophistication to easily phish employees even when they’ve been trained.

Phishing Quiz by Google Introduces New Techniques

Google’s phishing quiz not only covers the basics of phishing (as reminders are never a bad thing), but also introduces us to more modern phishing techniques now being used by cybercriminals.

Phishing emails abusing AMP links and Google Apps are not uncommon but often not covered in training materials. This is one of the few quizzes that cover these tricks.

Give the Google Phishing Quiz a try and share it around! Even if you normally ace these sort of tests, you may be surprised.

How to Respond to Social Engineering Techniques

As cybercriminals evolve their tactics in social engineering, we too must evolve our procedures in response and prevention. Learn more about social engineering trends and discover how to protect your organization against cybercriminals. Learn More →

Social Engineering

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