Envisions Critical Threat Report 2024

Envisions Critical Threat Report 2024

Cybersecurity and Geopolitics: A Policy Debate

The world is changing rapidly, as are the threats that challenge our security, stability, and prosperity. Cybersecurity and geopolitics are intertwined in complex and often unpredictable ways, creating new risks and opportunities for businesses, governments, and individuals.

How can we anticipate and respond to these emerging threats? How can we leverage the power of technology to advance our interests and values? How can we foster cooperation and dialogue in a polarized and fragmented world?

To answer these questions, we invite you to read our Envisions Critical Threat Report 2024, where we forecast the evolving cybersecurity and geopolitical landscape and provide insights and strategies to address emerging threats.

In this report, you will find:

  • A policy debate format that examines current events at the intersection of cybersecurity and geopolitics from multiple perspectives and angles
  • A comprehensive analysis of the key trends, drivers, and challenges that shape the global security environment
  • A forward-looking outlook that identifies the potential scenarios, implications, and recommendations for the future
  • A practical toolkit that offers actionable tips and best practices to enhance your cybersecurity posture and resilience
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Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the complex web between technological vulnerabilities, geopolitical tensions, and their global ramifications.