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Sarah Powers

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About Sarah Powers
Governance, Risk & Compliance Security Consultant

Drawing from years of hands-on experience with Privacy Impact Assessments, Security Governance, and IT Compliance across many different industries, Sarah Powers has both deep and unique insight on the regulatory landscape and what GDPR means for your business.

Serving as virtual CISO for clients, Sarah has shaped and directed the governance program of companies, improving upon their Incident Response practices, strengthening access controls, ensuring compliance with standards such as PCI, ISO 27001/2, and HIPAA, and improving overall security awareness by implementing training and exercises including around Incident Response.

Security programs expand and contract due to industry forces in both funding and employee retention. Adding to that is an ever-shifting threat landscape that forces programs to adapt and nearly always play catch-up. As a trusted partner, VerSprite is here to help your organization define, manage, and optimize your security program.

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