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Joaquin Paredes

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Joaquin Paredes

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Joaquin Paredes, Application Security Managing Consultant

Joaquin Paredes is the Managing Consultant for VerSprite's AppSec practice with more than 11 years of experience in information security consulting, having performed network and application penetration tests for many of the largest companies around the globe in diverse industries.

Joaquin's vast experience working as a Principal Security Consultant, combined with years of collaborating with an industry leading exploit writing and research team at his prior position, made Joaquin develop a real appreciation for an in-depth manual approach for pentesting, which he now preaches within the VerSprite's AppSec group with passion and dedication.

Joaquin leads the VerSprite AppSec team pushing the boundaries of pentesting methodologies with the goal of emulating real attacks on each exercise by practicing offensive techniques with a criminal mindset following a risk-based manual testing approach.

Application Security: VerSprite focuses on emulating cybercrime and simulating test scenarios that not only reflect current attack patterns, but also threat motives.

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