Eileen Filmus, VerSprite Geopolitical Risk Managing Consultant Eileen Filmus, VerSprite Geopolitical Risk Managing Consultant

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Eileen Filmus

Eileen Filmus leads VerSprite’s Geopolitical Risk practice. Her background includes an International Security Master’s program at the University of Chicago and analyst experience at a diverse range of organizations, all operating globally. Serving as an InfoSec consultant focused on CISO as a Service, Privacy, Risk and other areas, Eileen and her team recognized the growing need in the industry for a better understanding of geopolitical threats and opportunities.

Geopolitical Risk Consulting: The practice seeks to bridge the gap between cybersecurity and international security by supplementing the technical and operational risk management layers with macro risk analysis around geopolitical events and trends. VerSprite’s suite of Geopolitical Risk services will take your decision-making capabilities to the next level by introducing analysis that traces and captures root causes of the problems you are tackling or the threats you are facing.

VerSprite is the first cybersecurity consulting firm to build a division specifically dedicated to considering the intersection of geopolitical risk and InfoSec. Read our eBook to learn why we think this is so critical and why you should too.

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