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TunnelBear for Windows

Privilege Escalation







Product version

Vulnerability Details

TunnelBear for Windows suffers from a SYSTEM privilege escalation vulnerability through the TunnelBearMaintenanceservice. This service establishes an NetNamedPipe endpoint that allows arbitrary installed applications to connect and call publicly exposed methods. The OpenVPNConnect method accepts a server list argument that provides attacker control of the OpenVpn command line. An attacker can specify a dynamic library plugin that should run for every new VPN connection attempt. This plugin will execute code in the context of the SYSTEM user.

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Vendor response

The vendor has released an update

Disclosure timeline

04-17-2018 - Vendor disclosure via email
04-17-2018 - Vendor disclosure via email
04-17-2018 - Vendor notified via Facebook
04-18-2018 - Vendor response and follow up via Facebook
04-18-2018 - Vendor submits update and requests additional exploitation details
04-18-2018 - VerSprite verifies vulnerability unresolved and submits detailed exploitation documentation
04-19-2018 - Vendor response "Team reviewing documentation"
04-19-2018 - Vendor submits an update for testing and requests testing data
04-20-2018 - VerSprite verifies vulnerability resolution and submits testing data
04-23-2018 - Vendor response and followup
04-25-2018 - Vendor notified of the advisory release
04-25-2018 - Vendor follow up

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